Check-in at the Pool

Check-in at the Pool:

There are 2 ways for you to check-in. With you phone number, or your QR code. These codes have been emailed to you, but can also be accessed via the iClass App

Checking in with your QR code or Phone Number:

1. Once you've gotten to the Pool iPad scan your QR Code from the email you received or the iclass app directly to the webcam on the iPad (QR codes should show in the webcam square provided in the middle of the screen)

Alternatively you can enter your phone number that is registered to you iclass account

2. Click the arrow to enter 

3. Select Child to check in 

4. The screen will come up with that child's enrolment(s) for the day (it will include class name, time and location of the class) 

5. Click 'Check In' to register that the child is Present for the class (if there are multiple classes for the child you can check in for each class)

6. Click 'Go Back' to select another child to check in, or 'I’m Done' to finish.

7. After clicking 'I’m Done', a Check-In Summary screen will be shown. 

8. Click 'Got It!' to log out.

Accessing your QR Code via the Iclass app

1. Once you have signed into the Iclass app select the Account icon on the bottom of the screen

2. Select QR Codes

3. Select your name and the QR code will appear 

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