Our Pool

The Juniors pool is an indoor 25 metres heated pool. 

The water temperature can range from 30.0℃ to 31.0℃, perfect for babies through to our squad levels. 


In June 2019 our water filtration was upgraded with the world leading Brauer AOP (advanced oxidation process) system. We use a combination of UV light & Ozone with Chlorine.

Check out their blog on how the Ozone system works against all viruses.

We are now proud to be a Healthy Swim accredited venue.

A few of the AOP benefits:

  • The water is free of chloramines 
    • No more stinging eyes
    • Say goodbye to itchy skin
    • And none of that horrible pool smell

Read more in our blog


Change rooms are located in the pool area, used exclusively by our swim school students. 

  • The 3 change rooms are:
    • Female
    • Disabled
    • Male

Children under the age of 6 are to be accompanied by an adult.

Our facilities include change tables, hairdryers, and showers with doors 🚿

Staff do monitor change rooms to supervise children during peak times. 

We ask that during busy afternoon periods, showers are kept to quick rinse only, so everyone can share in the use of the facilities.


Gym change rooms are for adults only and are not permitted for swim school students!

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