What To Bring To Your Lesson

Let us swimplify what items you & your child will benefit from when learning to swim! 

  • caps
  • swim nappies (for children toilet trained for less than 6 months)
  • goggles (not recommended for Squirts classes)
  • swimwear


Other than complying with pool regulations, wearing a cap during swimming lessons has many benefits

  • Keeps children's hair out of their face when learning
  • Keeps children warmer during lessons
  • Keeps hair from clogging the filtration system, so our water is cleaner!
We sell a range of caps to suit all needs, come and ask our experienced staff for advice


All children under the age of 3 years are required to wear an approved swimming nappy

  • Bands around the leg area must be wider than 15 cm.
  • Little Toggs Happy Nappies are available for purchase from the pool in various, gorgeous styles you will love!


With our new AOP filtration system, our water is now free from the irritating Chloramines found in chlorinated pools!

  • We recommend no goggles for children in Squirts classes as it is important for children to be comfortable under the water without goggles on
  • Children beginning Tails classes will enjoy seeing clearly under the water, however, we will continue to do 'no goggle' practice in lessons
  • Students beginning Fins classes will be able to focus on their stroke development with a good pair of goggles 
Please come see our experienced staff for advice before purchasing goggles for your child 🥽 


There are many swimwear options out there to choose from...

We highly recommend students wear either:

  • One piece costumes for girls
  • Swim Trunks or jammers for boys
  • Short to medium length board shorts

Please avoid wetsuits, loose rash shirts, and long board shorts. 
We want to eliminate as much drag with loose clothing and the added buoyancy created from wetsuits. 

Children are discovering the feel of their own buoyancy and movement through the water so keeping it simple with swimwear is best!
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