What happens when my child completes a level?

Once children achieve all 3 of the Ribbon Skills for their level they immediately progress into the next level.

This shore makes us as happy as clams!

You will receive an email notifying you of their achievement.

And you will need to enrol them in their next level - or, send us an email if you need a helping hand!

Here are the instructions:

Open up your account via the Parent Portal.Select Booking to open Classes

Tick your child's name and See Classes

Adjust the filters to find a class in your child's level and days you are available

  • Student (your child)
  • Term (this will be set by default)
  • Days (your preferred days)
  • Levels (your child's new level)
  • Instructors 
  • Openings (filter for classes with openings available)

  • OPEN classes have places available for booking
  • WAITLIST classes are full and available for waitlist only
  • select your preferred class

Check class details and Submit Request

Add To Cart

You will now receive an email confirming your request.

Once your request has been approved you will receive and email notification with all class details confirming your class status as active.

This is when we will send you a statement for payment, and some instructions on how to make that payment in the portal.

Remember: Payment needs to be made within 7 days of confirmation of an active enrolment in order for your spot to be confirmed

Here is a more streamlined tutorial on what it looks like to book in using the iClass app on your smart phone! 📱

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