Level Up!


There are 3 ribbons to achieve at each level of the ITD program. Teachers will call a Supervisor over to assess a student who they believe is ready for a ribbon.

  • Supervisors are trained to assess students to the In The Deep standard.
  • Our ribbons assessments are there to reward children who have achieved their very best 🥇
  • Ribbon assessments also keep our teachers accountable to teach to the same high standard throughout the swim school 
  • Ribbon assessments are ongoing each lesson between weeks 2 - 9 of the term.

Children who have received all of their ribbons for their current level are encouraged to move to the next level immediately.

In The Deep does not provide credit/refunds for any price difference between classes if you move within the term.

Deck staff can assist you with the class change or you can check out How To Change Classes, for a sense independence 😉