First Lap Vouchers

Great news, In The Deep is now a Registered First Lap Provider. Yaay!

This shore is exciting, so here are step-by-step instructions on how to apply and submit your First Lap Vouchers for your children.

Before we start, please note:

  • Your child must be 
    • aged between 3 and 6 years and not enrolled in school, or
  • Only one voucher can be redeemed per child.

How to Apply for a First Lap voucher

1. Go to Service NSW's Apply for a First Lap learn to swim voucher and navigate to the 'Eligibility' section to make sure you and your child are eligible to apply.

2. In the Apply for a First Lap learn to swim voucher page, click on the red 'Apply online' button at the bottom left, which will take you to your Service NSW login page.

3. Log in using your Service NSW Email ID, and tick the "I'm not a robot" captcha button (unless you are 😳), and enter your password in the next page to log in to your Service NSW page.

4. Agree to the First Lap voucher Privacy and Terms & Conditions.

5. Choose one of the various forms of accepted IDs to verify your identity and click on the red 'Continue' button at the bottom.

6. Provide Service NSW permission to verify your documents, and click on the red 'Continue' button at the bottom.

7. If prompted, please check that your MyServiceNSW account details are correct, and proceed to the next page.= by clicking 'Continue' at the bottom.

8. Enter your Child's medicare details, and complete all fields. Click on the 'Check eligibility' button to check if your child is eligible for a First Lap voucher.

9. Once your child's details reviewed, you can now go about applying for First Lap vouchers for each eligible child in the main page.

10. Splashtastic! You should now find the processed First Lap voucher under your 'Vouchers' section of your Service NSW app (this typically takes an hour to process after applying). It should look like this:

How to redeem your First Lap voucher with In The Deep

1. Go to In The Deep's First Lap Voucher Submission Form and complete all fields as they appear in your First Lap voucher.

2. Ensure you upload the PDF copy of your First Lap voucher in the form, which can either be;

(a) downloaded from the ‘Vouchers’ section of your Service NSW App within an hour after applying,

(b) downloaded from the confirmation email from Service NSW.

3. Voilà! After you submit all the First Lap voucher details, our team will process them, and you should receive an updated Term Fees statement after the credit has been applied to your account.

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