How to enrol your child in a class

How to enrol your child into a class

Via the parent portal you will be able to view all available classes for your child's level and request an enrolment.

Check out our streamlined video of booking your swimming lob-star into a class using your smart phone! 📱

Keep following below for a more in-depth look at booking in a class ⬇️

  • Once logged into your account go to CLASSES
  • select the child you wish to enrol by ticking the box under their name

Adjust the filters to find a class in your child's level and days you are available

  • Student (your child)
  • Term (this will be set by default)
  • Days (your preferred days)
  • Levels (the level your child has been assessed at)
  • Instructors 
  • Openings (filter for classes with openings available)

  • OPEN classes have places available for booking
  • WAITLIST classes are full and available for waitlist only
  • select your preferred class

Check class details and  Submit Request

Add To Cart

  • If you have no other children to enrol then Complete Transaction
  • If you have other children to enrol then Add Enrolments and repeat the above process

You will now receive an email confirming your request

Once your request has been approved you will receive and email notification with all class details confirming your class status as active. A statement will also be sent with payment details.


select the waitlist class

check class details and select  waitlist

Add to cart

Hit Ok

Complete Transaction

You are now on the waitlist!

An email confirming your waitlist request will be sent to the primary account holders email address :)

Once a place comes available the first person on the waitlist will be contacted and so on.....

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