How to book in for a free Squirts trial class

Come test the water with a free Squirts trial class

At In The Deep we shore get excited seeing new Squirts start their Swimming lessons for the first time!

We also understand that navigating that first swimming lesson is a HUGE event and may need some getting used to

  • It's a brand new environment for little ones
  • It's a lot to organise - toggs, towels, bags, prams.....
  • Finding your way - where to park, club memberships, where is the pool....
  • What do we need to bring

Buoy do we know!

We also know that every Squirt may not take to the water like a fish to the sea or a dolphin to a wave 🐬 and may need a little test of the waters 💦

If you would like to just 'sea how it goes' we would love to offer you a free Trial class.

How to book in

Once you have filled in our enrolment form we will go ahead and create an account for you on our Parent Portal.

Here all you need to do is follow these instructions to create an account and then submit an enrolment request.

Just follow these steps below -

  1. Go to Booking where you will see your child's name
  2. Tick the box beneath your child's name and select See Classes

Use the filters to search for a class

  • Student (your child selected)
  • Term (default)
  • Days (your preferred days)
  • Levels (select according to age)
    • Little Squirts 4 - 24 months
    • Big Squirts 24 - 36 months
  • Instructors
  • Openings (available classes)

Select your preferred class

Review class details and Submit Request (tuition will be removed by staff at approval)

Prior to adding your request to the Cart please add 'TRIAL' to comments. You can then proceed to Add to Cart :)

One more step and you're done! You're request will remain in the cart for 5 minutes before removal.
Once you're ready just select Complete transaction and we will then go ahead to approve your Trial!

To check your request status click on View My Account - all details will remain pending until staff approval

You will also receive an email confirming that we have received your request 💙🐳

Once we have approved your request you will receive an email with all details

You're now ready to Swim!

We're hoping you have a whale of a time with us!

For first lesson instructions read this article 😊

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