How to book a make up lesson

Check out our streamlined tutorial for booking a make up lesson using your smart phone 📱

For a more detailed look into booking a make up lesson... follow along below ⬇️

1. Log into the parent portal

2. Open Your Account

3. Within your child select Makeups

4. Available Tokens will appear for use here

Use Makeup Token to begin the process of booking a make up class

5. Select Your Preferred day and date (must be within 7 days of booking)

available classes will appear in your child's level

6. Select the class of your choice

7. confirm by clicking Use Makeup Token

8. You will receive an email confirmation

Congratulations - you have booked your child in for a makeup lesson using your Token!

Remember: Once the make up token is booked in it is automatically confirmed, even though below states "we will confirm your spot shortly"


1. Open Your Account and select your child's enrolments

2. View all enrolments

  • Active - term enrolments
  • Makeup - makeup enrolments

Check out our Makeup Policy to avoid missing out on qualifying for a Makeup

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